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We were [disappointed] with our previous agent and approached Will the day before the bid for a home we liked. Will helped us put in the bid and helped us win the bid through the counter-offers. We then closed on the property. Will was also there for us to ensure we got a reasonable deal [in] loans and we closed in 14-days. We had a good home buying experience with William Tran and Sequoia. 
Viswa V., Buyer

We met William in mid-June. We were in a rush to get a house, because my wife was leaving California in mid-August. So basically we only gave him 2 months to find us the perfect house. He was very efficient and responsible. At the end, we saw a house that was a short sale, that we really liked. William immediately contacted the listing agent and negotiated a good price for us. We ended up buying a house with a lower price than its listing price! As you know, the house market in the bay area is insane, you can say it's a miracle to buy a house at listing price, but we bought it at at a LOWER price than listing price. So that was amazing.  would definitely recommend William to my friends and family.
Zhe Yu, Buyer

About 7 months ago our paths crossed with William Tran, a truly personable agent whom we instantly connected and knew we wanted to work with right away. William and his team at Sequoia Real Estate helped us sell our home (quickly!) and walked us through every step of the process making it such a seamless and pain-free experience.  I literally could not have asked for a better agent and team to work with. If you are in the market for a new home, thinking of selling, or are in need of a remodeling consultation, give William and his team at Sequoia Real Estate a call – their services are extremely extensive. They are seriously the most attentive, professional, knowledgeable and modern group I’ve come across. (And I’ve come across my fair share in the process of selling my home) I definitely would recommend William to any family or friends in search for the perfect agent – he’s actually helping us with our current search for a new home now…wish us luck in this crazy market!
LyAnn C., Seller